Welcome to JTB Marine.

Boat Mechanics & Marine ElectronicsJTB Marine is proud to be certified by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) as both a Marine Electrical Technician and as a Marine Corrosion Technician. We also carry certification by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) as a Marine Electronics Installer.

Why is certification important? The ABYC develops quality technical practices and engineering standards for the design, construction, maintenance and repair of small craft with reference to their safety. ABYC Certified Technicians have been trained to understand these standards and to ensure that the work that they perform, whether design, repair or installation, is in accordance with these standards. To learn more about why you should choose an ABYC certified marine mechanic, read this article from PassageMaker magazine (pdf).

Our company offers three distinct areas of marine service and expertise to boat owners seeking cruising comfort, reliability and safety.

  • JTB Marine Service provides expert problem analyses and innovative, cost-effective solutions for your marine electrical, electronic and power management needs.
  • OSO-Clean Fuel Purification Systems offers compact on-board fuel polishing systems for sail and power boats of 32’ or larger. Never change a fuel filter again!
  • JTB Corrosion Surveys analyze your boat’s underwater metallic components for corrosion and stray current problems, and provide comprehensive recommendations for correction and cathodic protection.
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