JTB Marine Services

Sail or power, blue water or weekender, the one thing you can’t leave the dock without is an electrical system that supports your boating style and gives you the reliability to get home safely. A combination of adequate amperage to start your engine and run your instruments, supported by safe, well-designed wiring and the equipment to guide you home provide the confidence and comforts to keep your cruising fun and your crew happy!

  • JTB Corrosion Surveys: a thorough corrosion survey, comprehensive recommendations for correction, and a complete cathodic protection plan
  • Power Surveys: state-of-the-art power management analysis, recommendations, installation and integration.

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, JTB Marine serves Florida’s West Coast.

For an onboard evaluation of your electrical and electronic systems -and any potential gremlins – please call 727-323-2500 or contact us.


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