JTB Marine Products

Whether you cruise often or just a few weeks a year, clean fuel is a necessity. JTB has developed a patent pending process on-board system to clean fuel continuously. OSO-Clean is a compact on-board fuel purification system designed to fit sail and power boats of 32’ or larger. The smallest model of our unique combination of filtration, pumps and timing mechanisms fits in a space as small as 12” x 18” and is quick and easy to install.

As well as creating our own products, we have also agreed to be the exclusive Florida West Coast representatives for a select group of manufacturers.

Finding the right equipment at the best price to fit your needs is an important part of our service to you. Extensive research and continuous relationships with vendors throughout the world keep us ahead of the game in finding what’s best for your boat.

When we find an exceptional product line, we want to make it as easy and economical as possible to bring it to you. That’s why we have agreed to become the exclusive Florida West Coast representatives for the following manufacturers:

  • Unique centrifugal fuel purifiers, with no moving parts from RCI Technologies.
  • Instrumentation for the 21st Century; everything from exhaust elbow temperature sensors and fathometers, to a complete system that reads all parameters onto a PC from CruzPro Instruments and Technology.
  • Bullet-proof mass type fuel filters that will remove particulate matter to sub-micron size from Gulf Coast Fuel Filters.
  • Inverters and inverter/chargers with attitude! The flexibility that this company builds into its equipment is remarkable. Need three phase power? No problem…the MultiPlus Inverter/Charger from Victron Energy can deliver!

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